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Langford Middle School

Home of the Lions

Langford's Mission Statement

Langford Middle School, in partnership with the International Baccaluareate Programme, the family, and the community is committed to educating our students with quality academics in safe environment to be productive citizens in an ever-changing, culturally diverse, global society.


Langford's Vision

IB Learners Today, Global Leaders Tomorrow


Langford's Belief Statement

  • Students are accountable for his/her achievements and behavior by developing self-discipline.
  • Faculty, parents and community members work together in partnership to educate students.
  • The curriculum reflects both educational goals and real life experiences and needs.
  • Faculty and students work in a challenging environment that is conducive to learning as well as secure and non-threatening.
  • Development of character traits in addition to academic skills is necessary to function in society.
  • All elements of the curriculum are necessary for successful development of the middle school student.


Langford's Motto

"Where Champions are Educated"