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  • HMS Student Supply List

    • Paper storage and organization method:

           In general, students need to have some method of keeping and organizing notes and
            materials for their classes.   **Individual teachers may ask for a specific
    organization method for their particular class—for example a dedicated notebook,
            a binder, or a folder.** 
    If no specific method is asked for by teachers a 3 ring binder, or a
            notebook for each class, or a pocket folder for each class are recommended methods.

    • Pencils and pens (black or blue ink)

    • Lined paper—wide or college ruled

    • Recommended: a flash drive for storing files and research. 8 GB is quite adequate as long as it is used only for school projects.

    • Recommended: earbuds or similar small, easy to carry earphone device for listening to computer programs that have a speaking or video component.  Please do not bring large, padded, expensive headphones.