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    April 1, 2017-June 1, 2017 Spring Application Window Click here to apply.

    June 16, 2017 Early College Testing 

    July 1, 2017 Acceptance Letters sent to students 




    What is EARLY COLLEGE?   

    Lucy C. Laney's Early College program is a partnership with Lucy C. Laney High School and Augusta University. The Early College will offer rigorous instruction and accelerated courses iwth an opportunity to attend college while earning a high school diploma.  Students will be able to ocmplete up to two years of college credit at no cost to students.


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    Advantages to EARLY COLLEGE

    • Accessibility for a wide range of students to receive up to 60 college credits or 2 years of college
    • Prepare for college with early experience in undergraduate studies on a college campus
    • Money Savings. Average student loan debt is $37,172 for college graduates of 2016. With two years of college student loan costs can be cut in half or eliminated through scholarship, work-study, etc.
    • A multi-yar study shows that nearly 25% of graduates from early-college earned a college degree compared to 5% of their peers in regular high schools

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    Who is Eligible to attend?

    • Students who  may be the first in their family to attend or graduate college
    • Students who may or may not be eligible for free/reduced lunch
    • Students who have the drive and motivation to be successful with rigorous college prepatory curriculum
    • Students who enjoy academics and athletic programs

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    Our Expectations

    • The ability to complete accelerated work
    • Self-motivation with a desire to excel
    • Intellectually curious and critical thinkers
    • A willigness to commit to college-level work
    • The ability to work in a small school environment
    • A consistent work ethic
    • A positive represenation of our school as founded by Miss Lucy Craft Laney



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