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Terrace Manor Elementary School

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  • Talk to Your Child About Reading

    Reading is one of the most important skills everyone needs to master to succeed in school, a job, and day-to-day life. These tips will help your child become a better reader.

    * Help your child find books, magazines, or other materials about topics that interest him/her 

    * Encourage your child to spend at least a half hour a day reading at home daily.

    * Talk with your child about school each day and ask about what he/she is reading.

    * Ask who, what, where, when, how, and why questions to help your child identify details in a text.

    * Read a story together, then ask your child to tell you in his/her own words what it was about.

    * Challenge your child to find, use, and learn to spell one new word a week to increase vocabulary.

    Reading Fun



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  • New Personnel at Terrace Manor ElementaryNew Staff

    Mrs. Johnson – Administrative Intern

    Ms. Murray – 1st grade teacher

    Mrs. Lyons – 1st grade teacher

    Mr. Malmadh – 2nd grade teacher

    Mr. McClendon – Music teacher

    Mr. Malin – Lunchroom manager


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