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      • AES -

        This learning platform allows the students to work at their own pace completing classwork, electronic worksheets and quizzes and unit tests. Students will be introduced to a variety of business topics, including Professionalism, Marketing, Accounting, Economics, Management, Business Law, International Business and Entrepreneurship. 



        This is a digital education program that teaches students how to make wise financial decisions and improve their social emotional skills like goal-setting and responsible decision making. The interactive lessons will engage learners in an immersive adventure that translates financial concepts into easy to apply experiences that help students develop strategies for managing future finances.


        With a foundational understanding of computer operations, students learn to harness technology as a tool to create, problem solve, and collaborate with others. Students will be able to communicate the function of common computing devices and components, appraise technology resources to accomplish a variety of tasks, and demonstrate a sound understanding of the nature and operation of technology systems.


        Students will be given due dates that will be strongly enforced.  Students will be given one week before progress reports and report cards to turn in ANY MISSING assigned work.  There will be penalization for late work submitted past the due date.


        Infinite Campus -

        Grade(s):  6-8
        Foundations of Business Administration 6th thru 8th Grade