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  • Social Distancing Hello

     Hello Jaguars!


    I'm grateful that many of us have stayed connected through this pandemic in remaining close, checking in through Zoom and social media, and sharing through art. If you need help or materials don't hesitate to email me. I am here to help. I know we are in serious times with COVID-19.  Art is a great release in coping through challeging times. Please send in your assigments by Monday May 11, 2020. Please stay safe and tap into your creative genius. Art is a create release and comfort through diffcult times so I'm encouraging you to allow art, creative writing, dance, and theater acting to help you through this time. We will have our next Zoom meeting next week. I will post the details soon so we can have a special closing together for the year. Have a happy, healthy, and safe week. 






     Art Pic

       Minimarie Andrews 


    Grade(s): 4th - 8th 

    Subject: Visual Arts & Theater

    Hornsby Middle School 

    1-706- 823-6928