•  Reading with children from an early age helps them develop a solid foundation for literacy. Reading improves: Concentration, Memory, Critical Thinking, Empathy, Vocabulary, Language, Performance in School and Self Image.

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             I am Ms. Chase, the Special Education Teacher for 7th grade students. As an Interrelated Special Education Teacher I will adapt general education lessons and teach various subjects, which will include Math, Language Arts, Science, and Social Studies to students with mild and moderate disabilities. In addition, I will be working closely with student’s general education teachers actively involved and engaged in all aspects of instruction through sharing ideas, strategies, and using techniques for varied and effective instruction for students with disabilities.

    We have many expectations for our seventh grade students here at Richmond Hill K- 8. Students are to come to school each day prepared to learn, take responsibility for his/her actions to help preserve a positive learning environment. It is essential that students and parents view my webpage for weekly assignments and homework. In the event that your student will be absent it is very important that you notify the school or email his/her teachers. In addition, it is especially important for parents to update contact information throughout the school year of any changes in case of emergency. I am thrilled and looking forward to working with parents and students over the course of the school year. If questions or concerns should arise, please feel free to email me chaseka@richmond.k12.ga.us or contact me using Remind  Class Code:   @cahb6h   


    Classroom Rituals and Routines:

    • Students are expected to arrive on time and prepared for class
    • Class will start with a bell ringer activity
    • Students are to raise their hands to ask/answer questions throughout the day

                  “What’s Important Calendar:

    • “Posted in the classroom for all assignments and homework. (students should use either an agenda or notebook to keep track of all posted assignments and homework)
    • The expectations for students during transitioning are as follows: line up quietly in the classroom with all of his/her belongings, wait for the teacher’s instructions to line up in the hallway quietly or to enter into the next classroom.
    • Technology: Laptops and Desktop Computers are used for Educational Purposes Only
    • No Cell Phone Use in Class

    Positive Behavior Consequences: positive behavior forms issued to Principle and Administrative (daily)

    (small tokens of appreciation given to students)

    Behavior that Interferes with Learning:

                                                1st offense- verbal warning

                                                 2nd offense- parent contact

                                                 3rd offense- discipline referral        

    Code of Conduct Link: https://www.rcboe.org/cms/lib/GA01903614/Centricity/Domain/70/Code%20of%20Conduct.pdf                                                                                        

    Grading Policy: 90-100 = A

                                80-89 = B

                                75-79 =C

                                70-74 = D

                                69 and below = F

    Supply List:

    1-  3 ring binder (2 or 3-inch binder)

    8 – dividers

    3 -highlighters

    2- blue Ink pens & 2 black Ink pens

    5 - #2 sharpen pencils

    6- spiral notebooks

    6- two- pocket folders

    1- pack of index cards

    2- packs of notebook paper

    1- pair of wired headphones


    Helpful Resource Websites:


    • I Ready Lessons in Reading and Math

    (Personalized Instruction )


    • EPIC for reading materials ( based on Reading Lexile Levels)

    class code: ekg7596)


    Quizizz Link: Social Studies 7th grade



    Quizizz Link Life Science 7th Grade





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