Instructor:       Mrs. Roshunda Dent

    Location:         Room 707



    STEM is an engaging program where students explore science, technology, engineering, math, and media arts through applied technology and project-based learning.  We will be using SmartLab® programs to engage learners as they apply technology to projects of their own design. As they work on their projects, they build academic connections and develop next generation skills. Whether students are exploring robotics, coding, websites, video broadcasts, circuitry, or structures, they’re developing critical-thinking skills. They’re solving problems. They’re collaborating. They’re learning valuable project and time management skills. And they’re reflecting, communicating, and presenting not only their projects…but their learning. They’re building skills, knowledge and interest critical for college and career success. 



    A=90-100        B=80-89                      C=70-79                      F=69 or below


    Classwork/Participation          40%

    Projects/Assignments              60%





    This is a project-based course.  Students will be engaged in hands-on activities on a daily basis.  Students will have access to all of the resources needed to complete their projects in class.  Students will be given guidelines for each project.  The goal of each project is to broaden the students’ knowledge of STEM.  The project grades will be averaged together and will count for 60% of the students’ final grade.



    Students will be given a weekly participation grade that will be included in their Classwork/Participation which will account for 40% of their final grade.  This grade is given to promote appropriate behavior and to teach the students responsibility.  Points are deducted for offenses such as, but not limited to, unexcused tardies, excessive talking, eating in class, coming to class unprepared, or not being on task.



    Regular daily attendance is of the utmost importance to succeed in this course.  Critical notes and information are given on a daily basis and it is impossible to function at your best if you do not attend class.


    Behavior Plan



    1. Be on time.
    2. Come to class prepared
    3. Raise your hand to speak
    4. Be respectful of others and property


    • Warning
    • Loss of work participation points
    • Student conference
    • Referral to Guidance Office
    • Parent phone call/letter
    • Detention
    • Discipline referral


    ***Consequences for misbehavior are at the teacher’s discretion; therefore, some offenses may not follow the above order and may result in harsher consequences such as being sent to the office with a discipline referral.  This is all dependent upon the severity of the misbehavior. ***




    Entering the Class

    ü  Students should enter quickly and quietly.

    ü  Students should go directly to their assigned seat, unless sharpening a pencil or checking the assignments board.

    ü  Students should look at the board for instructions/warm-up assignment.

    Preparing to Leave

    ü  The teacher, not the bell, dismisses class.


    ü  Students are to sit in their assigned seats unless instructed to move.

    ü  Students should not get up during the class period unless permitted by the teacher.

    Bathroom Procedures

    ü  Students can only use the bathroom if it is an emergency.  Students should go to the bathroom between classes.

    ü  Students will be allowed to go to the bathroom 3 times each nine weeks.  Students that go beyond these 3 times will lose work ethics points for each additional time they go, unless there is a health problem.

    ü  Students will only go to the bathrooms in the 800 hall unless instructed to go elsewhere. 

    ü  Students may not go to the bathroom the first 10 minutes of class or the last 10 minutes of class.  If you absolutely have to go during this time, points will be deducted from your work ethics grade.

    How to seek help

    ü  Raise hand and wait for the teacher.

    Heading Papers

    ü  Name, date, period, assignment title

    Make-up Work

    ü  Only students with excused absences will be permitted to make up work.

    ü  It is the student’s responsibility to retrieve their makeup work by checking the assignments board.

    ü  Students have 3 days from the day they return to class to do makeup work.

    Extra Credit

    ü  There will be no extra credit given.  However, students will have opportunities to gain bonus points on tests and daily assignments.

    Grading Policy

    ü  Grading will be based on the 10-point scale.  (Ex:  90-100=A, 80-89=B, etc.)

    ü  Rubrics will also be used.



    ü  There are no excuses when it comes to HW.  HW is to be done at home.

    ü  HW is due at the beginning of the class period.  It will not be accepted at any other time during the class period.

    ü  Assignments will only be accepted up to one day late for a loss of a letter grade.  Accepting late work is at the teacher’s discretion.


    Behavior Expectations

    ü  Students are to behave in an appropriate manner.

    ü  Students should enter the classroom ready to work.

    Work Ethics

    ü  Students will be given a weekly work ethics grade.  The grades will be averaged together and will count for 10% of a student’s final grade.


    Choices (finishing early)

    ü  Go on to the next activity.

    ü  Sit quietly at your desk until further instruction is given.

    When you are tardy

    ü  If tardy is unexcused, work ethics points will be deducted and detention will be given.

    ü  If tardiness continues, the student will be sent to the discipline office.

    When you need pencil or paper

    ü  You may borrow pencil or paper from another classmate.

    ü  If supplies are borrowed from the teacher, the student will have to trade something of value such as an i.d. card, cell phone, etc. and work ethics points will be deducted.


    Checking out classroom materials

    ü  Students will have to sign out classroom materials.

    ü  Borrowed materials are due the next school day at the beginning of the day.

    Notebook and Other Required Materials

    ü  A notebook is required.  It is suggested that students have a one-inch three-ring binder with divider tabs.  The syllabus, warm-ups, and a copy of the GPS should be kept in the front of the notebook. 

    ü  Students should also have a highlighter, some colored pencils, 4 x 6 index cards, a glue stick, and a USB drive.

    Passing out Papers

    ü  The teacher will usually pass out graded papers.

    ü  A student helper may assist in handing out daily assignments.


    ü  No food, candy, or drinks are allowed in the class.   Water is the only exception!

    ü  Gum is allowed as long as there is no popping and does not cause a classroom disruption.

    ü  If gum is found on desks, on the floor, or anywhere else besides the trash can and someone’s mouth, no gum will be allowed.

    ü  Cough drops are allowed.  Just make sure the teacher is aware.

    Personal Grooming/Other articles

    ü  No combing/brushing hair or applying makeup in class.

    ü  No drugs, tobacco products, hats, sunglasses, music devices, cell phones, beepers, or other unnecessary articles from home are allowed.





    Please feel free to contact me if you have a question or a concern.  You may call Richmond Hill K-8 at 706-796-4944 and request a conference.  You may also email me at dentro@boe.richmond.k12.ga.us.


    I look forward to working with you and your child this semester.






    Roshunda Dent

    STEM Facilitator

    Richmond Hill K-8