• Hello and welcome!


    My name is Christian McCaulley and this is my first year within the Richmond County School District. I was born and raised in Wichita, KS and am the oldest of five. Growing up, I was fortunate to have great teachers that made an impression on my life. I decided pretty early on that I wanted to be there for children just like so many teachers were there for me. After graduating from high school, I attended Missouri Southern State University and majored in Elementary Education. Let me just say: I am THRILLED to be fulfilling my lifelong dream of teaching!


    My goal this year is to make my classroom a safe and nurturing place where your child loves to learn. The concepts learned during 2nd grade are the foundation for all of the learning in years to follow. For this reason, I take my job very seriously! I look forward to helping your child grow in his or her educational, social, and emotional development and continue on the road to personal growth! 


    To My Students:


    1. I believe in you.     

    2. You are listened to.

    3. You are cared for.   

    4. You are important. 

    5. You WILL succeed!