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    I am truly honored to serve as the Assistant Principal of the Richmond Hill K-8 School. As we embark upon a new school year, let’s move forward with great enthusiasm and anticipation of new opportunities that will, as stated in our school’s mission, “Ignite Purpose, Enrich Minds, Develop Character, and Build Community.”


    In correlation with our school’s vision, my goal is to ensure that we work toward providing a structured and innovative learning environment which empowers students to identify their purpose, cultivate their individual strengths, and inspire them to be productive and responsible global citizens.


    I look forward to working with each parent and community stakeholder as we build a community of scholars! Let’s make this year a great one!



    Gregory Shields, Ph.D.

    Assistant Principal

    Richmond Hill K-8 School

    Email: shielgr@boe.richmond.k12.ga.us



    "Education is the passport to the future,

    for tomorrow belongs to those who prepare for it today." ~ Malcolm X