1. Be sure you have joined the REMIND for your class. Text the code below to 81010

              I have so many in the original PE class that it topped out and will not allow me to put out messages. Look for your class and retrieve the correct class            code to put you in the correct Remind class.


              PE 1A & 2A  @pe1a2 


              PE 3A & 3B  @e3hk34


              PE 4A & 4B  @4k48d2


              PE 5A & 5B  @fgh6a9


              PE 6A & 6B  @g7c4a2


    1. Check my teacher webpage DAILY for updates on assignments under the new “DISTANCE LEARNING” section. I will also send out a REMIND message anytime I post an update to my webpage.
    2. Starting Wednesday, students will start a Daily Physical Activity Log (DPAL). The goal is to acculate 150 minutes/week. At the end of the week, have it signed by a parent/guardian and either the DPAL or a picture of it emailed to me by midnights on Saturdays. I will be looking at timestamps.
    3. Email/Remind me anytime between 8:00 am and 4:00 pm with questions.
    4. DPAL


    **Urgent** 8th thru 12th graders complete this PE Grade Form.