• Face to Face Students Learn from Home Assignments:  November 16-20, 2020

    Spanish I

    Bell Ringers (Nov.16-20)

    Monday-Realidades 1 page 2/How would you greet a friend in Spanish after 2:00pm.

    Tuesday-Realidades 1 page 15/Write today's date in Spanish.

    Wednesday-Realidades 1 page 18/write the opposite.

    Hace calor_________________

    El invierno_________________

    Conjugating IR verbs

    Thursday-Conjugate the verb subir

    Friday-Conjugate the verb recibir


    Classwork-Monday-Friday (Nov.16-20)

    Monday-Realidades 1 page 40/Translate-Que le gusta hacer a Marisol from Puerto Rico and Daniel from Colombia.

    Tuesday-Realidades 2 page 41/Translate-Que le gusta hacer a Silvia from Espana and Pablo from Guinea Ecuatorial.

    Write two paragraphs in Spanish/One comparing and one contrasting/Que te gusta hacer a ti?/ To the students from diffrent Hispanic speaking countries.   

    Wednesday-Workbook Core Practice page 62-Activities A-B.

    Thursday-Workbook Guided Practice page 80-Activities D-H. 

    Friday-Workbbok Guided Practice page 110 Actrivities D-F.                         


    Spanish II

    Bell Ringers (Nov. 16-20)

    Conjugating IR verbs


    Conjugate the verb escribir


    Conjugate the verb reir


    Conjugate the verb Vivir 


    Conjugate the verb subir


    Conjugate the verb recibir


    Classwork Monday-Friday (Nov. 16-20) 

    Lunes-Realidades 2 pages 166-167/Review:Gramatica Repaso/Direct Object Pronouns: me, te, nos (Singular/ Plural).

    Activity 12 Tarde otra vez

    Activity 14 Una fiesta en el centro/follow the MODELO.

    Martes-Realidades 2 page 168/Review:Gramatica/Irregular Affirmative Tu commands. 

    Activity 16 Los consejos de una amiga/follow the MODELO.

    Miercoles-Realidades 2 page 170/Review:Exploracion del lenguaje-Los gestos/se me olvido/Basta/Vete/Ven aqui/Sigue derecho.

    Activity 18/fill in the blank using the wordbank-(translate the wordbank before filling in the blank).

    Jueves-Workbook Guided Practice page 120-Activity C/follow the MODELO.  

    Viernes-Realidades 2 page 171/Review: Present progressive: Irregular forms.

    Workbook Guided Practice page 123-Activity B-C.