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    Tammy E. Holley 
    Grade(s): 9-12
    Subject(s): 9th grade Literature
                     10 grade Literature
                     American Literature 
                     British Literature
                     World History 
                     American Government
                     U.S. History
                     World Geography
                     Physical Science 
                     Environmental Science
                     Human Anatomy  
                     Forensic Science
    Broadfield Social Studies 
    B.A. in Education
    B.S. Special Education
    K-12 Special Eduction
    K-12 Highly Qualified
    9-12 Social Studies
    AVID training

     Everyone can and will learn, you just need to be willing to reach out.
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    Welcome to "Holley's World". I grew up in North Augusta and attended North Augusta High School. After graduation I enrolled at Augusta College which later changed its name to Augusta State Univeristy, while I was a student. I recieved my Bachelor's degree in in Education with a Minor in History. I was very active in student life while in college. I was a member of the Native American Student Organization, ASU Student Government, along with Student Government for Georgia Regents. Student Government became my passion and I became the Chair of the Committee for Community Service, and later Chair of the Senate. Closer to graduation I became the President of Student Government. The professors recommended me for into Who's Who of Collegiate Students, and I am proud to say you can find my name listed as a member. After graduation, I became interested in Special needs and returned to school to recieve a degree in Special Education. I have taught at Josey for more than 17 years and enjoyed watching some of the best kids in the CSRA turn into productive adults within the community.


    Here at Josey I have participated on the AVID site team, Leadership team, and advisor for the T.W Josey Yearbook and school newspaper. I am also the advisor for the Paper Eagles, a club set up to high light recycling and environmental issues. My door has always been open to all students, not just those I serve during the day. Stop by and take a step into " Holley's World."