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    Name Donna Lively
    Title Administrative Asst./Front Office
    Phone: 706.592.2089
    Email: liveldo@boe.richmond.k12.ga.us

  • Welcome to Hephzibah High School! My name is Donna Lively and I work in the front office.  As you know with  Covid-19 going around, things have changed a little in our school for the safety of all who enter.  When you enter the front door of the school you must be wearing a mask.  Please follow the arrows on the floor showing you where to stand for social distancing while waiting to enter the front office.  There should be no more than 2 people in the front office at one time.  Please patiently wait on the social distancing circles in the lobby for your turn to enter.  As one person leaves the front office another person should enter.  Please remember this is new to all of us and we strive to make this year go by as smoothly as possible.  Again, WELCOME!