Degrees and Certifications:


Homework is a great time for parents to review standards we have learned about during the week.  I encourage my parents to have fun with your child while working on homework.  Please select from the following activites to work on nightly at home.

Please have your child:

Count to 100 by ones, tens, and fives - (in the car, bath time, restaraunt wait time)

Read EVERY night to your child for at least 15 minutes

Ask your child questions about the reading selection

Have your child sound out 3 letter words - examples - C-a-t, c-a-p

Review upper and lower case letters of the alphabet / produce rhyming words

Ask them how their day was and encourage your child to speak in complete sentences.




RCBOE uses a standards based grading system.  Students will be assessed bi-weekly on the standards I have taught in the classroom.  Please feel free to contact me with any questions about the standards based grading system.