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Current Assignments

There are no current assignments.

Past Due Assignments

  • SEMESTER RESEARCH POSTER PROJECT  (Artist Biography)– DUE Dec.12018

    The 1st semester final will be a research poster project in which you will be researching an artist from any century and creating a poster portraying the following information:

    Name of the artist (should be focal point/emphasis)

    Portrait of the artist

    Birth-Death dates and locations

    A brief biography including: where they lived and studied, major accomplishments, what made their work unique or changed the direction of art, what style of art did they produce, what medium did the artist work in, was the work of this artist accepted by the people of the time, what were this artist’s most famous works and where are they today, did this artist create portraits, landscapes, or abstracts, what seems to be the favored subject matter of this artist, how did this artist learn art techniques (art school, taught by a master, self-taught)

    Timeline that relates the artist's life to important art periods and world events

    At least 3 visual illustrations of artist’s work with titles and dates – print images from sites online in color

    Poster Guidelines:

    Produce the poster in a style that echoes or evokes your artist's style

    Use a poster board as your background

    Utilize any art materials to create handmade poster

    Craftsmanship extremely important

    Good design and layout

    Format is viewer-friendly and information is clearly presented

    One artist per student on a first come first serve basis.

    Different artist each year for those who have had high school art in the past




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