• Hephzibah Middle School

    Mrs. Yarbrough’s Course Syllabus


    Course Description

    English Language ArtsWhole group/small group direct instruction; Instructional software; Modeled and Independent Reading Instruction; Data driven Assessments and Progress monitor


    Mathematics- Explicit core math instruction and support; Facilitation of engagement strategies; Smart board technology; Data driven Assessments and Progress Monitering

     Social Studies and Science - Small group instruction, Instructional Software, Manipulatives



    Students will receive a variety of assignments designed to enhance their learning. If a student is absent, the student is responsible for the missed assignment. Students who have an excused absence will be allowed five days to turn in the missed assignment. No work will be accepted after five days.


    Evaluation –

    Summative Assessments      (minimum of three per grading period)

    Formative Assessments         (minimum of nine per grading period)-( Classwork)

    Labs/Other          (teacher’s discretion)


    Summative Assessments


    May include major projects, unit tests, and chapter tests




    Formative Assessments


    May include class work, daily or weekly assignments, quizzes, writing assignments, small projects, and TOTD





    May include computer tasks, science and social studies class labs, etc.












    Follow all school rules and policies.

         - Being Respectful

         - Being Responsible

         - Being Ready


    Classroom Procedures & Expectations


    1.      Walk into the classroom quietly and take your seat.

    2.      If you are tardy, you must have a pass from either the office or teacher that kept you late.

    3.      If need be, sharpen your pencil or visit the wastebasket before class begins. This must be done within the first minute of coming to class.

    4.      As soon as you are seated, get out all materials needed for class.

    5.      During assessments you are to raise your hand if you have a question and I will come to you. Always bring a book to read after you finish your test as not everyone will finish the test at the same time.

    6.      During class work, raise your hand and I will come to you and if I am with another student, wait patiently and I will get to your question.

    8.      If you are absent, it is your responsibility to check with me to see which assignments you missed. It is your responsibility to complete the assignments within five days.

    9.      Do not stand up, pack your book bag, clear off your desk or leave the classroom until instructed to do so at transitions.

    10. During a fire or tornado drill, remain calm and walk quietly to our designated areas.

    11. During any announcements be quiet and listen until they are finished.


    Course Materials


     Required student assigned textbooks




    In order to schedule a conference with your teachers, please contact the Guidance Office 706-592-4534 ext.