Help Your Child's Self-Esteem

    1.  Encourage your child to do their best in school and ask them questions about their school day.  Expect your child to succeed in school.  If your child is having difficulty in school, schedule a conference with his/her teacher(s) to discuss your child's progress in school.  
    2.  Give your child challenges and give proper praise when they meet the challenge.
    3.  Allow your child to make choices.  Teach them about making decisions and choices by offering (2) possible options at a time.
    4.  Hug your child and tell them you love and care about them.  Parents can offer encouragement but also be firm and consistent with their child's behavior and expectations about following the rules of the household.
    5.  Cook together and help your child learn basic math skills.
    6.  Allow your child from time-to-time to finger paint, color, draw, cut and paste.  Displaying artwork on the refrigerator is a great idea.
    7.  Take a walk with your child and make observations about nature and/or animals.
    8.  Visit your child at school.  When time permits, have lunch together.  Stay involved in your child's education as much as possible.