May 8th will be the last day of school.  There will be a date between May 11th and May 22nd to drop off completed work.  There will be a letter going home from the board of all confirmed dates from here on out. Thank you for working so hard with your children. I know how hard it is to work from home plus make sure your children are on task with their assignments. Miss you guys sooooo much. Let me know if you have any questions or problems.   Love Mrs. McCarty    



    **Continue i ready math and reading lessons daily and My On books.  All lessons have been updated.  The number of students on i ready math and reading looked kind of low last week. Try to stick with it if you can. Practice sight words that are on your nine weeks homework sheet.  You can go on sightword.com to practice more words.  The flashcards are organized by grade level.  For the next two weeks please finish any incomplete assignments and put them in an envelope or folder.  I will let you know what date you can come to the school and turn them in.

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