• Hey everyone! I guess you have heard that May 8th will be the last day of school. There will be a date between May 11 and May 22 to drop off completed work. There will be a letter going home from the board of all confirmed dates  from here on out. Just wanted to let you know that I appreciate you working with your child and realize how frustrating it is for all of us during this uncertainity. I miss all of you! Text me if you have any questions. Love you!
    Continue i-ready lessons daily as well as my own books and answer comprehension questions.
    Practice sight words that are on your nine week homework sheets. You can also go on sightword.com and practice All grade level sight words. Click the flashcards and have your child say the word.
    Review telling, asking, and excited sentences (., ?, ! ) by writing five of each.
    Give this topic and have your child write a paragragh explaining why . Do you like pizza or fried chicken?  The first sentence should state which one you like. Next three sentences should explain why you choose the food. The last sentence should be a wrap up or conclusion. ex. These are the reasons why I like ______.
    Give this topic and have your child write at least three facts about it. ( ex. frogs, bears, snakes, penguins). We have discussed in detail about these animals so have your child pick one. Start with a topic sentence. Next write three sentences about the subject and then write a conclusion. Make sure your child is spacing there words and have complete sentences and correct punctuation.
    Give this topic and have your child write about it.  What was the best place that you have visited with your family? First sentence might be : The best place that I have visited with my family was_____. The next three  or more sentences would tell what you did and last sentence conclusion.
    Review nouns ( person place or thing), proper nouns ( Georgia, Walmart, Bob, Xbox- naming the noun) and adjectives (describing nouns- color words, number words, and etc) . Have your child write 5 sentences underlining the noun, circling the verb and drawing a square around the adjective.
    You can also get on youtube.com and search for videos  on long vowel sounds, short vowel sounds, antonyms, synonyms, etc.
    Another good resource that the kids love is www.brainpopjr ,com You can use this username and password.  Username: wsa Password: brainpop Click on any subject and after the video have your child answer the 5 questions.
    Social Studies:
    Get on brainpop if you are able and click on Social Studies and have your child review any historical figure ( George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Abraham Lincoln, Harriet Tubman, Martin Luther King, Lewis and Clark, etc) map and globe skills, patriotism, producers, consumers goods and services. Answer quiz questions afterwards. 
    Youtube also has videos on some of these as well. 
    Have your child list 5 things that we need (especially during this time) and 5 things that you want or would like to have.
    Take a deck of cards and play War and Go Fish
    Pick a number between 1 and 20. Have your child guess the number then tell if your number was greater or less than their guess. Keep revising their guess until they guess your number. Trade roles.
    Estimation: Fill a jar with small items ( Q tips, skittles, buttons, pennies). Have children write down how many6 items they think are in the jar. Count out items  to see how close their estimation was. Refill the jar each day.
    Wirite families birth dates on a calendar, Count how many days there are until each person's birthday. Whose birthday is the furthest away?  Whose birthday is the soonest? What is the difference between the two dates? 
    Cut a sandwich in half. Before taking a half away remind them they have a whiole sandwich. Take away half. Ask how much of the sandwich is left. Cut into four pieces. Remind them each piece is one fourth. Practice taking pieces away, asking how much of the sandwich is left.
    Sketch a Shadow: Set up a toy with a distinctive outline on paper. Trace their shadows at different times of the day.
    Sound in Glass: Fill identical glasses with different amounts of water. Have children gently tap each glass with a metal spoon. Ask them to describe what they see and hear. Change amounts of water. Repeat.
    Hello Parents!
    The school board is beginning a new program called Canvas next year and it is on students launchpad at this time. They have asked us to ask students and parents to go on Canvas and do the tutorial so we can all start to get familiar with the program. There is one for the students and one for the parents.
    I will continue updating you with any new information as I hear it. I truly miss all of you and I hope you are doing well! Please text me if you have any questions. Love you!