Library Procedures
  • Media Center Procedures



    Please make note of the following Media Center procedures. Please go over any procedures pertaining to students with your class. I will gladly cover Media Center etiquette with any class; if you see fit, please come in and schedule a Media Center overview with your class.


    Thank you,

    Ms. Marlana Harris

    Media Specialist




    • When sending individual students, please send them with a pass that includes their names, the teacher and the time. 


    • Please schedule Media Center time through the online scheduling system. There will be a link on the Garrett Elementary Media Center page. (an email with the link has also been sent)


    • Please send those students taking an AR test with the necessary information. They will need to know or have their username and password written on paper.


    • When sending students to the Media Center in groups, please send 4 or less.


    • Inventory must be kept and up-to-date. Please make sure any items you need from the Media Center are properly checked out to you.


    • Due to privacy concerns, please do not go behind the Media Center Circulation Desk or remove items from this area.


    • Please return all library books to the drop box.


    • Please return Media Center equipment to the Media Specialist or Media Assistant. Please refrain from leaving it on the counter when there is no-one present to clear it or accept it.


    • The Media Center will begin preparing for the end of the day at 1:30pm. Please do not send students in to take assessments or check out books after this time, returning books will be fine.