Grade 6 Information



    Welcome to Davidson Fine Arts Magnet School, home of the Titans! Please read the information below and discuss it with your child. Although Davidson Fine Arts provides a wide range of creative classes (dance, art, music and drama), the sixth-grade teachers have the responsibility of preparing students academically for the skills that they will need as they grow and matriculate here at Davidson Fine Arts Magnet. Davidson has a very rigorous and challenging academic environment and the students are expected to govern themselves accordingly.



    Homework is important because it is a valuable tool used to help students make the most of their experience at Davidson Fine Arts. Homework helps reinforce what has been learned in class, prepares students for upcoming lessons, teaches responsibility, and helps students develop positive study habits. Homework will be assigned Monday through Thursday nights.  Students are required to write their daily homework assignments in their agendas.  We request that parents check the agenda against the completed work for the first two to three weeks or until the student demonstrates good organizational skills. The homework assignments are scored at twenty-five points per day.  They must be complete to receive the twenty-five points for the day. We do not give partial or half credit for an incomplete daily assignment. In addition to assigned work, students should read at least 15 minutes every night in a library book of their choice. If homework is not given, credit will not be given. Thus, the percentage will be adjusted accordingly. We expect students to do their best work on each homework assignment. We expect homework to be neat, not sloppy.  All math work, in class and at home, should be done in pencil.  Homework should be completely finished by the beginning of class time the following day. Sharing homework with a classmate for the purpose of “copying” will result in disciplinary action for all involved.  All homework assignments will be checked for completion then recorded in the grade book. No late homework assignments will be accepted. Students will not be allowed to go back to their locker to get their homework assignment. Parents are the key to making homework a positive experience for their children. Therefore, we ask that you make homework a top priority at home.  Provide the supplies needed and create a quiet homework environment where the student can work but still be monitored by a parent. Set aside a time everyday when homework is to be done and offer praise and support for a job well done.  Always encourage and answer questions, but let the work reflect your child’s individual effort and ability.


    Homework Checklist

    Decide on a regular study time and place where there are few distractions.

    Be sure your child gets adequate sleep each night (at least seven hours).

    Talk to your child about school and model the importance and joy of learning.

    Encourage and praise your child’s successes. Praise him/her for showing responsibility at home and at school.

    Spend at least fifteen minutes a day reading good books with your child or have him/her read independently.  This is the single most effective thing you can do to improve his/her academic performance.


    Homework on the Internet

    Homework, other assignments, announcements, and general information are posted on the web at www.rcboe.org/davidson . Students will have to search class pages by selecting the teacher’s name under the staff and department tab. Students are required, however, to copy homework off the board into their agendas.  This is a part of the study skills curriculum.  For this reason, the website should only be used as a double check or an aid to parents.


    Graded Papers

    Graded papers will be returned within one week of the graded assignment in most cases.  It is the student’s responsibility to take grade papers home and share them with his/her parents.  All graded papers should be kept in the vinyl folder unless directed otherwise by the teacher, until the report card has been seen and signed by a parent or guardian.  A parent can check a student’s grades through the Parental Portal on Infinite Campus. To access Parent Portal, go to www.rcboe.org/davidson and click on the “Parents” tab to find the Infinite Campus link. If you do not already have an account, you will need to register. You would have an account if you have a child already in Richmond County School System.


    Progress Reports

    Progress reports will be issued the fifth week of each nine weeks. These reports must be signed and returned to the homeroom teacher. Progress reports, or any other paper sent home to be signed, must be returned signed within two days.  If the paper is not returned the second day, one hour of after school detention will be assigned.


    Forgery of signed papers/Progress report

    Three hours of detention will be given and the student will be receive a “U” in conduct for the nine weeks.

    The Richmond County Code of Student Conduct and Discipline states that “No student shall forge the signature of parents, guardians, teachers, schools officials, or any other person and/or alter any official document.”  Such conduct may result in additional disciplinary action.



    #9 on Davidson Fine Arts Student contract:  “I understand that my child must maintain the highest standards of honesty and integrity while attending Davidson.”

    Should cheating occur on a graded assignment/assessment, a “0” will automatically be given as the grade for that task.

    A “U” in conduct for the nine weeks will also result from any cheating incident.


    Failure to follow directions/write name on paper

    Students will lose five points on the graded assignment.


    Using a pen instead of pencil in math class

    Student will lose five points on the graded assignment.


    Late work (not including homework)

    If work is one day late, eleven points will be deducted from the grade earned on the assignment.

    If work is two days late, twenty-two points will be deducted from the grade earned on the assignment.

    If the work is three days late, thirty-three points will be deducted from the grade earned on the assignment.

    An automatic twenty-two point deduction is taken over a weekend.


    No book brought to class

    The first time a book is forgotten, a warning is given.  The second and subsequent times, one hour of detention is assigned.  This policy is renewed at the beginning of each nine weeks.


    Make-up work

    Work must be made up within five school days of absences at the teacher’s discretion.  It is the student’s responsibility to obtain make-up work from the teacher and to arrange time to complete any tests or graded assignments that were missed.

    Tests/evaluations missed after a one or two day absence will be made up the day the student returns.



        Social Studies

       Test/projects = 40%

       Quizzes/reports = 30%

       Graded work = 25%

       Homework = 5%                                          


    Contacting teachers

    The sixth grade teachers are available during their planning periods for prearranged conferences (arranged through Mrs. Julie Landis, 706-823-6924, ext. 206). When a conference is scheduled, you will meet with all academic teachers. The quickest way to communicate with one or more teachers is through email.  Below is a list of each teacher’s email address:




    Social Studies

    Ms. Lee King                         kingle@boe.richmond.k12.ga.us