Welcome to AP Biology for 2020-2021!

    (This information is only for high school Advanced Placement Biology with Ms. Wittke.  Please contact Ms. Wittke with any questions about this work.  For information on Honors Biology, please see Ms. Mannix's website.  For information about 7th Grade Science, please see that webpage.)


    Below is the link to the summer letter and the general outline for the summer work. 

    Also, view the Graphing/Analysis Reference packet and the Graphing Practice Packet. 


    Summer Letter and Summer Work


    Graphing/Analysis Reference Packet


    Graphing Practice Packet


    Scoring for the Summer Work:  Email 5%, Edgenuity 15 %, Scavenger Hunt Photos/Presentation 50%, Graphing/Analysis Packet 30%. 

    Edgenuity will be for completion, but the Scavenger Hunt and Graphing Packet will be graded. 


    We will be using Remind at the beginning of the school year. Please follow the instructions below. Thanks!