• School Council Minutes

    January 12, 2016

    Media Center


    1)  Mr. McClintock called the meeting to order at 2:45 pm. Ms. Lampkin documented the member that were in attendance. In attendance were: Mr. Kendrick, Marla Choice, Mr. McClintock, Ms. Lampkin, Ms. Johnson and Mrs. Bracey. Also in attendance was Mrs. Thomas our parent facilitator.


    2)  Mr. McClintock started the meeting discussing the CCRPI number again. He made it aware that the state was still working on getting the formula correct for the calculation. He did mention that the state was looking into the changing the weights for calculation. Schools would be getting more information in the very near future.


    3)  The Title 1 parent facilitator, Tonya Thomas, addressed the school council regarding Title 1. Mrs. Thomas explained what a Title 1 school was and some of the advantages of being Title 1. She explained that it is not a negative but should be looked at as a positive. She also explained that we would be purchasing computers, books, and other educational resources to help all students in our bUilding. She also went on to explain how to report fraud and how the school council could be involved in the decision process of spending.


    4)  Mrs. Bracey came to the meeting to talk about "Attendance Matters". Mrs. Bracey shared the attendance data from the first semester, which showed that the "Attendance Matters' program was working. She also shared the importance of our students attending school. Mrs. Bracey also talked about the partners for this program and their contributions. Elluminate Church donated a substantial portion of money to provide 4 students with either a 42 inch 1V or a Tablet. These rewards were given out at an assembly in front of the entire student body.


    5)  Mr. Kendrick closed the meeting at 3:40.