• Welcome to American Literature. I am so excited to be your and/or your child's tour guide as we travel across this Great Nation and discover the writings and the beliefs that have helped to shape our country. We will discover the thoughts and feelings of those who fought for liberty and justice for our citizens, as well as those great writers who sought to show the corruptness of its people and the nature of the moral values of its people. We will begin with our Native American forefathers and end with our Post-Modern writers. This journey upon which you have embarked will be a chance to discover the true heartbeat of America.


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     Mission Possible


  • August 9, 2019


    Dear Parents and or Guardians of my American Literature Students:

    It is with great anticipation that I welcome all of you to another year in American Literature. I am excited about the opportunity to teach your child and to become a part of his/her educational experience. With 30 years of service combined in both South Carolina and Georgia, I feel such pride in all that I do. I love to read and to help students experience the wonderful experiences shared by our talented authors. Literature is truly a reflection of the society in which one lives. We examine those famous truths on which America was formed. We will examine the thoughts of those who fought for the freedom we share today. But we will also critique each piece in order to determine its validity today. No piece of literature is ever written without some form of rebuttal or an argument concerning its interpretation. As a parent, I encourage you to discuss our readings and to become a part of our great curriculum.

    Each student will quickly identify with areas of study that he or she will both enjoy and disagree with as we read. This gives our reading the validation that authors work so hard to achieve. Our selections may focus on trying to regain the affection of a long-lost love, the emotional cries of one who is disabled by his own tormented thoughts, or the desperate decrees of those who fight to correct that which they see as wrong. Whatever the case, these works have been chosen to offer a variety of styles, use of details, and a use of passion for his/her work. Reading is an art that many do not wish to enjoy, but we must learn to read critically and constructively if we want to learn the true heartbeat of our American heritage. We embrace all ethnic groups as we present the American culture in its most pure form.

    During our studies, we will allow numerous opportunities for expression and ideas through writing. Writing is a major portion of the End of Couse Assessment, and it is vital that we look at many different types of writing and practice as much as possible. I often remind parents and students that good writing requires patience and effort. Very few writers exist who never seek ways to improve his/her craft.

    RCBOE has encouraged us to do the following three segments of instruction each day.

    • READING 
    • WRITNG

    I encourage us to work together. As a team we can accomplish much more than we can individually. Feel free to visit our classroom where you may encounter group work such as debates occurring. I believe that we must provide varied forms of educational experiences to meet the needs of all students.

    It was my pleasure this year to be chosen to attend the High Schools That Work Confernence in Nashville, Tennesse. Thorough this conference, I have gained valuable insight into ways to make our vocabulary instruction take on new meaning. I am excited to be able to share my new wealth of knowledge with all. I have also gained some new ways to incorporate Gifted Education into my curriculum.

    In closing, I am excited to be working full time at CCHS this year . I am challenged to find innovative ways to help all students to achieve new leavels of learning. 

    Thank you again for this opportunity to work with your child. I am most confident that we will have a great year.





    Robert L. Jackson                                                                                                                                                                                                  Masters in English Education, Specialist Degree in English Language Arts, and Georgia Master Teacher, Gifted Certification