• Dear Students and Parents,


    First, let me say thank you for your patience and flexibility as we all attempt to make the best of this unprecedented situation. I will miss seeing you in class every day, but I am committed to helping make sure we finish this quarter well. I will keep teaching, and you will continue to have opportunities to learn.


    In order to best facilitate this, below are my expectations for how information will be delivered and how you can expect to turn in work.

    1. I will continue to post summaries of assignments on the Google calendar on my website. Assignments will be listed for the week in which they are due. The floating deadline is Friday by 4:00 for all assignments. If you are unable to meet a deadline, send me an email and let me know.
    2. I will continue to utilize the Google Drive file. Check here for handouts as well as a detailed explanation of assignments. Files will be titled with that week’s date, for example “Week of 3/18/20”
    3. I will send out a Remind message letting you know when I update the calendar with assignments or post something in one of the platforms. Parents, feel free to join your child’s remind so you can stay informed as well. The Spanish III remind code is: @ahhgcf
    4. I will post some assignments to be turned in via Microsoft Teams. As I went over in class, you can expect to complete assignments, respond to chat posts, and hopefully submit your oral interview through Teams.
    5. I will utilize the textbook, workbook, online textbook, Quia.com, and other resources to help provide instruction. Students will have the option of completing workbook/textbook based activities physically and uploading/sending a picture of their work to me depending on the assignment.

    Thank you again for your patience and flexibility. If you have any problems while attempting to complete an assignment, please send me an email. I will respond to it as promptly as possible.



    Abigail Russell

  • Quarterly Credit Recovery Opportunity


    Students may choose to correct 1 unit test per quarter for up to ½ credit back. Students may choose to correct a test at any time in the quarter up to the last 2 school days of the quarter. In order to receive all possible credit they must do the following:


    1. For each question missed they must write the correct answer and why their original answer was wrong. If it is a grammar concept that was missed, they must give a specific explanation as to why their answer was wrong. Students CANNOT write one explanation for a grouping of test questions.
    2. They must write a 5-7 sentence paragraph in English reflecting on how they prepared for the test and how they plan on improving their performance in the future.
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