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    Hello and welcome to Monte Sano  Grade 4, science and social studies web page!
    January 7-10 Science 
    Students will continue studying force, motion and acceleration.  this week students will be expected to make a prediction concerning force and motion.  Then precced with the experiment and write their conclusion concerning the outcome of the experiment.  Students will also be reviewing gravity and conducting an experiment, again making predictions and conmclusions.  We will continue experimenting with acceration and friction.  Students will be using ramps and sand paper to test these two forces.  We will finish the week with a summative test on force, motion and acceleration.
    January 7-10 Social Studies
    Students will begin the study of the United States Civil War.  Students will take a pretest and will know thier score quickly.  This will allow students to have an overview of what they will be learning, what they already know and what they have questions about.  We will begin with the big question; What is worth fighting for?  We will briefly study Uncle Tom's Cabin and it's author.
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