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    Physical Education



    Welcome to Goshen Elementary! I am looking forward to an awesome year. 

    Course Goal

    The main goals of the Health and Physical Education Department of Richmond County School System are to:

    1. Develop healthy bodies
    2. Educate the mind
    3. Promote positive attitudes towards lifetime of physical fitness and sport skills.

    Expectations in the Gym

    1. Student are expected to come to class dressed appropriately for physical activities especially wearing the proper sneakers.
    2. In order to elevate or minimize injuries, students are expected to follow the teacher’s instructions when participating in the activities.
    3. Students are expected respect other’s personal space unless it is a part of the activity.
    4. Students are expected to participate in the activities daily.

    Broken Expectations

    1. Warning
    2. Time out
    3. Contact Parent(s)
    4. Conference



    Each student is required to complete FitnessGram, a physical assessment, at the beginning and end of the school year. A report will be sent home at the end of the year along with the final report card. Information about the assessment can be found on the Cooper Institute website at the following address,

    In addition, students will take a Student Learning Objectives (SLOs) to determine mastery of the physical education standards.


    Grading Procedure

    Students will be assessed daily based on their participation and performance on the physical activities and given a weekly grade.



    I can be reached at (706) 796-4646 Ext: 8 or you can email me at

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