• Student Council


    Student council is about getting students involved in helping improve our school with their peer's views and opinions. Student council participates in any county programs, and events. Students are exposed to leaders in our school district and county. 


    Sponsor: Rachael Baker and Laurie Montgomery


    Contact Info: carrora@boe.richmond.k12.ga.us  



    Grades: 6-8 (Teacher nomination and student election)


    Fee: $10 once elected


    Meeting Day: Second Tuesday of each month


    We are responsible for programs like, recycling, canned food drive, Toys for Tots, and fund raising for local organizations. 

  • Kendyll Handy is President

    Kayla Brown is Vice President

    Nathan Suggs is Treasurer

    Zamaria Anderson is Secretary




    Trinity London



    Madison Tredore

    Jacey Larisey



    Aja McNair 

    Trammel Gillion