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    The mission of Cross Creeks’s school library media program is to support the mission and instructional program of the school. In addition, the school library media program strives to ensure that students and staff are effective users of ideas and information as outlined in Information Power: Guidelines for School Library Media Programs (American Association of School Librarians and Association of Educational Communications and Technology, Chicago: 1998):

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  • Pet Sematary

    Posted by Jason Stark at 3/7/2017

    My name is Katie Cornelius, I am in my senior year at Cross Creek and my current literature teacher is Dr. Walden. The book I will be reviewing is Stephen King's Pet Sematary, a horror novel published originally on November 14th, 1983. The novel takes place in Stephen King's home state of Maine with its focus on Louis Creed and his family, Rachel, Gage, and Ellie Creed, who have all taken residence in a large estate located next to a highway infamous for its raucous, speeding trucks. Pet Sematary Louis is the Director of Health Services in the University of Maine, and on the first day of the semester he experiences something that can only be explained as unearthly: a student who had been jogging with his fiance and later violently struck by a car, was brought into the lobby.
    There is nothing quite peculiar about this incident at first, apart from the sheer gruesomeness of the injuries Louis examines as the student's body lay in the middle of the lobby until Louis is left alone with him, having sent others away for help. The body begins speaking in clear sentences (despite its condition) that attempt to warn Louis of some impending danger. This peculiar occurrence marks the beginning of the incomprehensible that happens to Louis later on, after discovering an ancient Micmac burial ground following the sudden death of the family cat. Pet Semetary, written by Stephen King, is an excellent example of how a horror novel can project upon the reader feelings of dread despite the ever-present facade of security, and displays the fragility of the human psyche under certain circumstances.

    To begin with, Stephen King is an author renowned for his contributions to the world of horror and the supernatural, and the quality I love the most about Stephen King is that with his writing you must become submerged within the world before you experience the danger and the fear. It is a quality I value highly within the horror genre; I enjoy the world and its atmosphere changing slowly as the danger becomes more prominent, and to know of the danger's origins, rather than to just start off with it. Despite the novel giving off a sort of mundane feeling in the beginning, you can tell how the world around the family as they arrive seems eerily ominous. " The baby was grabbing frantically at his neck, screaming wildly. Louis flipped him over and saw an angry, white knob rising on the side of Gage's neck. " This happens before the Creeds even step foot into their new home, and after this they begin to settle in a little before the family is introduced to the Pet Sematary behind their property. Louis finds himself becoming close to his neighbor across the road, Jud Crandall, an old man who helped them settle into their new home. Jud introduces the Creeds to the Pet Semetary (and later the ancient burial ground to Louis) and introduces the first real sign of danger in the novel.

    To conclude my review, Pet Semetary, a horror novel written by Stephen King and published in 1983, is an excellent read for fans of the horror genre. Stephen King lets you dip your toes lightly into the water before truly submerging you in the world he has created. He adds the proper amounts of ominous foreshadowing to an otherwise ordinary setting. King succeeds with making the reader empathize with the characters in a way that a lot of other horror authors do not. This leaves you feeling truly attached to the characters he has created. If you want to read a novel that leaves you to wonder and worry about the fate of the characters, and maybe even have you empathize with them, then Stephen King definitely has you covered.

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  • Red Queen

    Posted by Jason Stark at 3/7/2017

    My name is Joshua Bailey. I am a senior and my lit teacher is Mr.Neil. The book I'm reviewing is called Red Queen by Victoria Aveyard with the genres of Magic, Fantasy, and a slight touch of romance. Red Queen This book takes place in a modern-ish fantasy kingdom with mixes of medieval feudalism social system which by the way is divided by the color of your blood, red blood is normal lower while sliver has abilities and is upper on the social ladder. The story start with you meeting a 17 year old girl named Mare Barrow while she's pickpocketing people in the market place with here friend Kilorn, Later to save her self and Kilorn she gets into a job for the royal family as a servant when she finds out that she's not like the rest of the lower society people. By the end of the book she ends up playing a game of royal cat and mouse with her losing (For the most part). Aveyards work the Red Queen has a nice fantasy mix with a real message that is pretty cool how it was played out. The way the plot flows and turns is very well made but lacks the charatcer build with the cliche the whole book is putting off. It's hard to get attached to a person or group when there is no actual build up to the person.

    Although the book was filled with many cliches it was over all laid out very well for it's story, The main one in which i'll be talking about is betrayal at it's finest. The lower class servant girl discovers her abilities and now is being used by the royal family, all while joining a secret group of rebels with her new "Mandatory Fiance" of the second prince, Maven, in hopes of changing the world for the better only to be betrayed in the very end by the same prince. "Anyone can betray anyone" is repeated many times during this read. She is told this by her tutor Julian while he is warning her not to get involved in this little game. Mare herself betrays the prince by kissing his brother ,Cal, while Cal betrays her trust in him just as she asks for help for a bloodless coup.

    In conclusion i must say the book was all in all a good read one i didn't put down till i finished it. Victoria Aveyard's Red queen published in 2015 (a fairly new book) started and ended strong. The execution of the cliches made for a wonderful story but was to predictable in the long run. I could speak more than i could type here but i'm out of time and hyped for the next book. Thank you for your time and i almost forgot the best part THE GIRL HAS LIGHTNING POWERS FINNALLLLYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'VE BEEN WAITING SO LONG FOR A CHARACTER WITH LIGHTNING CONTROL IN A GOOD BOOK.

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  • Twilight

    Posted by Olivia Basilicato at 12/16/2016

    twilight My name is Olivia Basilicato, and I am in the 10th grade, and My lit. teacher is Ms. Thornton. The book I read was Twilight, and it Is written by Stephanie Meyer. It was released on October 05 of 2005. The book is a vampire romance thriller, and the main characters are Bella and Edward. Edwards tries to warn Bella To stay away from him, but she stays by his side. the Author is Stephanie Meyers, and she writes the book Twilight. The book is very well written she keeps you on the edge of your seat wanting more so badly you won't be able to put the book down. The characters are so well written and they are perfect for this role no other character would have fit in as much as Bella and Edward do.

    First was the way that she started the book off. It starts in Forks, Washington which nobody would have thought and she intertwines popular cities into it. Then People can relate to this book so much because there is always that guy that you fall in love with but you know it is not healthy or good for you to have. Also, the storyline has a major twist because they are vampires like you do not find that I a regular romance novel. It brings so much more to the table that way. Of course, I would like books like this because I love romance novels and I also love thriller books to so when you mash them together I had to try to read it. In the book, there is a scene Where Edward tells her that he said" I said its bet if we are not friends but I never said I didn't want to be friends, " and I almost cried it was so sweet. This proves that he is caring for her which makes me love the book even more because he is not going to use her. This book Is so well written I would recommend it to anyone who enjoys a thriller but the sincerity of romance.


    the book was again written by Stephenie Meyer This book is so awesome like its impossible how good this book really is. The way the book is composed and the thoughts that must have gone into making these characters is amazing. it is such a good book.

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  • Vampire Academy Review

    Posted by Kennedy Badger at 12/16/2016


    Vampire Academy Hello I'm Kennedy Badger, I'm in eleventh grade, and my current literature teacher is Mr. Jackson. The book I am reviewing is Vampire Academy, it was written by Richelle Mead, it is a fantasy fiction book, and it was published august 16, 2007. The setting of this book is modern day 2007 in Montana, United States. The book follows the point of view of a teen girl named Rose, and her friend Lissa. The plot is about how Rose is a dhampir, a half human half vampire, and Lisa is a moroi, a full blood vampire, and how they are forced to go back to the academy where they were being hunted unknowingly and the challenges they face trying to figure out who's hunting them. Vampire academy, a fantasy boon written by Richelle Mead, is a very interesting book in my opinion through the fact that the main element and theme aren't like normal stories surronded vampires.


    Firstly I would like to discuss the main element. Why I like the book and have a strong opinion of it is because of the way it's written, it is written like a teen's diary would be written. For example it says "novice gaurdians- dhampira like me- and moroi sat together, eating and socializing, faces alight with whatever current gossip held the academys attention." This shows how the author wrote the book to attract a teen's attention. It is written like a teen would write a paper on something they don't really care about.


    In conclusion the Vampire Academy, a fantasy book written by Richelle Mead published in 2007, is a very good book. This book is written in the P.o.v. of a teen girl who has many challenges ahead of her. The book shows many promising and funny points along the way. Finally the book will be a greatway to escape if you are bored and just want to relax and have a laugh.

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