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    School Counseling Program

    The School Counseling program is a vital part of our educational system. School Counseling focuses on a child’s academic, personal and social development. School Counselors are present to ensure the students and staff receives the help that they need to function successfully throughout the school day through guidance lesson, individual counseling, peer mediation, teacher and student mediation, teacher, parent, and student conferences. The school counseling program have also developed and improved the school clubs for this school year, collaborating with other outside agencies.


    The vision is to ensure that all students be given the opportunity to succeed through area of academic improvement with support and guidance from counselor’s and with the skills given to succeed. Through social and developmental growth students can learn to establish meaningful relationship with peers and learn ways to deal with conflict. Students can also learn to cope with personal life issues which will help them in the future.


    It is my mission that every child is served in the best way possible and have the ability to achieve their goals in a safe and secure environment. Through the School Counseling program, students will explore various opportunities for their future and find way to cope with childhood development. Through the development of enrichment clubs, students will learn how to work in a group and successfully develop and create projects and work on activities together. The School Counselor will present guidance lessons that are geared towards achievement and growth based on the needs of the students to address in and ally issues that they are facing. Through the various programs students will be able to deal with the many issues and gracefully work through any problem that occurs in their lives.


    • All children can learn when giving the right help and guidance that they need.
    • The counseling program targets all major aspects of a child’s development and life.
    • It is the role of the counselor to ensure that students receive the best care and guidance possible to be able to succeed.
    • Ethical guidelines are put in place to ensure the safety of students and integrity of school counselor’s.
    • Through observation and survey, counselor will monitor the programs and lessons that are implemented within the school.


    Additionally: I will use the following guidelines/laws for my school counseling program:


    • Bridge Bill (HB 400)
    • Move ON When Ready(MOWR)
    • AVID Program for College and Career Readiness
    • PBIS to acknowledge the good in our students
    • ASCA Model Program guidelines (including student competencies in academic, career and personal/social domains) along with the GSCA Model.
    • Fifth Grade Portfolio
    • School Improvement Plan
    • CCRPI objectives



    Ms. Michelle Reid Ed.S.
    Guidance Counselor K-5
    Phone: 706.823.6960 Ext 2511
    School Counselor  
    Dr. Vernon Johnson and Ms. C. Wesby
    Guidance Counselors 4-8
    Phone: 706.823.6960 Ext 2536