The Sue Reynolds Elementary Counseling Program is designed to assist students in achieving their fullest potential both academically and personally.  The program’s primary goals are to assist each student in academic improvement, social/emotional development and career awareness.  Ultimately, the program strives to be preventative in nature.  The program serves students, parents, staff, and the community,

    The S.R.E. Counseling Plan will address the specific needs of SRES students as identified by needs assessments and behavior referral system.  The plan is aligned with the mission of the school and is created to support the mission of the school system. The program strives to support the whole child through the following four areas as recommended by the American School Counselor’s Association (ASCA):

     Guidance Curriculum: Provides a comprehensive, developmental guidance program content in a systemic way to all students;

    • Responsive Services: Address students’ immediate concerns to include individual and group counseling;
    • Individual Student Planning: Assist students and parents in the development of career, academic, and social/personal plans;
    • System Support: Provide program, staff, and school support activities and service


    Students and parents are encouraged to communicate any problems or concerns that may arise throughout the school year.  Please feel free to to contact me to address those issues by phone or to schedule an appointment.