Fine Arts

    Garrett Chorus

    May 10th

    National Anthem 

    Augusta Greenjackets Game


    Choral Festival including the Garrett Chorus

    March 28th 6pm

    at Tutt Middle School

    PTA Seusstastic Program

    March 30, 2017 -6pm

    Garrett received a grant from Target

    Thanks to Mrs. Elser!

    PTA program

    6pm January 26th

    Kindergarten and selected third graders performed songs for the teachers and parents!

    Congratulations All County Chorus singers!

    Amari, Kayla, and Trevor


    Garrett has partnered with Stevens Park Rehab to provide monthly entertainment and visiting time with their patients and guests.

    We are very proud of you!


    "Christmas Carol with a Twist"

    was December 15th 2016 at 6:30 pm

    dance 1

    dance 2

    mrs clause mcgahee