• DearParents,
    It is hard to believe we are half-way through the school year.  Our first semester ends on December 16th and begins our
    Winter Break Holiday.  When we return in January 2017, we will look forward to the beginning of our 3rd-9 week period.  
    Report cards from the 2nd-9 weeks will be distributed in January when we return from holiday.   
    The holidays are a great time to de-stress with your children and talk with them about their goals for the new year.   A visit to your local library and checking out books to take home will help keep your children engaged...reading all throughout the holiday.  READ..READ...READ.. aloud to your children and have books available for your children to either read to themselves or READ ALOUD to you.  
    It is important to limit the time children spend playing video games, watching television or other screen time.   Instead of children playing solitary games.....Let's give our children the gift of celebrating family traditions together!!  This is an important social connection for children to experience.  
    Be sure to have plenty of wholesome activities for your children to enjoy during the holidays.  Baking cookies, helping decorate, drawing and coloring pictures, playing family games, helping with household chores, or enjoying visits with family and friends.  
    Communication and interaction with your children during the holidays will help them feel your caring and loving.
    Happy Holiday to you and your family and a wonderful NEW YEAR!