• Notes:  February 17-21, 2020: 

    1. Vocabulary Test  2/18 (Refer to words #21-30 that were posted last week....See Below.)

    2.  Research Project Topics:  (GMOs, Video Games, Pit Bull Policy, AI)-TBA

    3. Go to this wepage for Research Project articles, outline, guide for writing, APA format, and other related materials.

    3.  Tutoring-Available on  Wednesday and Thursday(4:30-5:30)-Prior Parent Approval Requested


    A.  Vocabulary for February 10-14, 2020-Georgia Collections, p. R81

    21.  Condole

    22.  Confluence

    23.  Conjecture

    24.  Contemplate

    25.  Contractor

    26.  Coup

    27.  Covet

    28.  Credulity

    29. Crevice

    30.  Defieciency


    B.  Grammar WS #22-Adjectives, Articles, and Proper Adjectives. (Due 2/13)


    C. Extra Credit February Project:  "A Multicultural Celebration"-Check with teacher for further details.