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    Physical Science

    January 7-17: Acids and Bases (SPS6. d.e.)

    January 21-24:  Nuclear Energy (SPS4. a,b,c fission/fusion, half-life, applications, benefits, and problems of nuclear energy as an alternative energy source)

    January 27 - February 13: Force and Motion (SPS8. a,b,c,d distance, displacement, speed, velocity, time and acceleration graphs, Newton's Laws, mass & gravitational force,  and work, mechanical advantage, & simple machines)


    January 21-24: Genetic Information in Cells (SB2. a,b,c  DNA/RNA replication, transcription, and translation, crossing over, nondisjunction, insertions, deletions, substitutions, radiation, chemicals, and viruses,  ethical considerations of biotechnology in forensics, medicine, and agriculture).


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  • Science Fair is DUE February 18, 2020.   Please click on my Science Fair page for more info.  


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  • Students may access the online textbook through their launchpads.

    Username:  i-Ready login

    Password:  i-Ready pw (leave the @ out)


    PS   Biology Book

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