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Current Assignments

Past Due Assignments

  • For Online Textbook and Many Other Online Resources:


    To get on the online textbook, students will need to log in to their launch pad and then click on "McGraw Hill-Connect ed"   *Be Aware: Sometimes the online textbook is not working, so please only use as a back-up plan.   

    Launch Pad for RCSS


    Name: Donita Legoas
    Grade(s): 6th 
    Subject(s): Science 
    Georgia Science Teacher Association Middle School Rep.
    GADOE Science Ambassador 


    Learning Today... Leading Tomorrow

    The mission of the Richmond County School System is building a world-class school system through education, collaboration, and innovation.




  • Unit 1 Rock, Mineral, and Fossil Study Guide

    We went over all the answers in class, but if you didn't get one of the answers, attached you will find the answer key.  

    Remember, the Unit 1 Post Test is Monday, Sept. 16!

    Study Guide

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  • Egg Carton Rock Collection Project  Due Sept. 12


    Middle School Science Showcase!  Sept. 26 

    Rock Project and Show


    Egg Carton Rock Collection Rubric

    12 rocks of various types:  24 points  __________

    Rocks are numbered: 20 points   ___________

    Describe the rocks on index cards in the carton:  20 points   ___________ 

    Place found is identified: 10 points   _____________

    Color of rocks identified: 10 points  __________

    Texture described: 10 points  ________________

    Neatness/Presentation  (decorated, organized, visually appealing):  6 points   _____________

    Total Possible : 100 Points

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    Remind App

       Parents, Please Sign Up for Remind App to receive important ARJ Science Reminders!  

        Text the following:  @arj6  to the number 81010



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  •  Unit 1: Rocks and Minerals


    Georgia Standards of Excellence


    S6E5. Obtain, evaluate, and communicate information to show how Earth’s surface is formed.

    a. Ask questions to compare and contrast the Earth’s crust, mantle, inner and outer core, including temperature, density, thickness, and composition.

    b. Plan and carry out an investigation of the characteristics of minerals and how minerals contribute to rock composition.

    c. Construct an explanation of how to classify rocks by their formation and how rocks change through geologic processes in the rock cycle.

    d. Ask questions to identify types of weathering, agents of erosion and transportation, and environments of deposition. (Clarification statement: Environments of deposition include deltas, barrier islands, beaches, marshes, and rivers.)

    e. Develop a model to demonstrate how natural processes (weathering, erosion, and deposition) and human activity change rocks and the surface of the Earth.

    f. Construct an explanation of how the movement of lithospheric plates, called plate tectonics, can cause major geologic events such as earthquakes and volcanic eruptions. (Clarification statement: Include convergent, divergent, and transform boundaries.)

    g. Construct an argument using maps and data collected to support a claim of how fossils show evidence of the changing surface and climate of the Earth.

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