Welcome, Pine Hill Panthers! I am so happy to be back for another great year with our Panther Nation for the 2019-2020 school year. I hope everyone has had a fun and restful summer- but now it's time to get down to business. I have high expectations for this new year and will strive to do my best to encourage, motivate, and inspire my students as we navigate together through the ups and downs of 7th grade Math. It may not always be the easiest road, but we will persevere, grow, and IGNITE SUCCESS this year! Check back frequently for updates- I am constantly adding helpful sites that will provide extra practice, tutorials, and information to make sure we are as successful as possible! If you have any questions or concerns, please contact me through Remind.com or email me at the address provided.


    Thank you!


    Mrs. N. Rosado



    ***For work and practice on adding and subtracting integers during the Hurricane Relief week, please visit the following site and work through the scenarios/videos/practice problems.

    Khan Academy- Adding and Subtracting Integers

    This will be a little bit of blended learning- use what you understand about adding integers to the new information that you will learn on subtracting integers through the tutorial session. Be prepared for me to find out what you've learned on your own and what you're able to bring back to class!***

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    Mrs. Ngoc-Anh Trisha Rosado, M. Ed
    Email: RosadNg@boe.richmond.k12.ga.us
    Grade: 7
    Subjects:  Mathematics and Gifted/Honors Math
    Tutoring available by appointment only
    Tues & Wed: 8am -8:45am  or  4:15pm - 5pm
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