Engagement Review Process for Accreditation

  • The Richmond County School System received its 5-year accreditation by AdvancED.  The system visit took place February 25-28, 2018 and the final AdvancEd Engagement Review report was released in July 2018.   A highly skilled engagement review team used a set of rigorous research-based standards to examine the Richmond County School System (RCSS)—the program, the cultural context and the community of stakeholders—to determine how well the RCSS meets the needs of learners.  Through a comprehensive review of evidence, each standard was rated on a scale ranging from 1 (needs improvement) to 4 (exceeds expectations).  The RCSS scored as follows:

    • Exceeds Expectations – 16
    • Meets Expectations – 8
    • Emerging – 6
    • Needs Improvement – 1

    The system also received an overall Index of Educational Quality (IEQ) score of 346.58.  The IEQ is comprised of the Standards Diagnostic ratings from the three Domains: 1) Leadership Capacity; 2) Learning Capacity; and 3) Resource Capacity and the results of ELEOT classroom observations. The IEQ results are reported on a scale of 100 to 400. 


    The Engagement Review team recognized Powerful Practices that the team felt are noteworthy and exceptional practices taking place.  If one Powerful Practice is highlighted, it is quite remarkable.  The RCSS was recognized for 3 Powerful Practices! 

    1. Powerful Practice #1: The Richmond County School System has established a comprehensive strategic planning process that is clearly defined and embraced by all stakeholders and is focused on a shared commitment to student success. (Standard 1.3, 1.1, 1.8, Assurance 5).
    2. Powerful Practice #2: The superintendent and board of education lead the district with a consistent focus and direction to promote high academic achievement and student success. (Standard 1.7, 1.4, 1.5).
    3. Powerful Practice #3: The Richmond County School System engages stakeholders effectively to support the system’s purpose and direction through robust community partnership programs that enlist the support of the business community and other stakeholders to create a globally competitive school system. (Standard 1.8).


    The AdvancED report states, “After reviewing a substantial number of documents, interviewing internal and external stakeholders including students, and participating in presentations and discussions with system leaders, the Engagement Review Team found that the Richmond County School System is already an effective learning organization. Students are well behaved and achieving, leaders are committed, forward-thinking, and open to dialogue, teachers are engaged and supportive of their students, and stakeholders voiced solid support for their schools. The recommendations contained in this report are intended to encourage professional dialogue among the staff and stakeholders and to support continued improvement by building on the system’s current strengths and addressing areas of needed improvement. Combining the school system’s current plans and goals with the recommendations of the team will hopefully serve as a foundation for RCSS to continue to focus on improvement throughout the organization and to more fully achieve its mission of ‘Building a world-class school system through education, collaboration, and innovation’.”

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