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    Important Message for EC students and Parents: Please click the link below to complete the brief google form regarding next year. 





    The Early College is a partnership between Augusta University and Lucy C. Laney High School.  The Early College offers rigorous instruction and accelerated courses with an opportunity to attend Augusta University while simultaneously earning a high school diploma.  Early College students are able to complete upwards of sixty credit hours toward their college education during what would normally be their high school years.









    Advantages to EARLY COLLEGE

    • Accessibility for a wide range of students to receive up to 60 college credits or 2 years of college

    • Prepare for college with early experience in undergraduate studies on a college campus

    • Money Savings. Average student loan debt is $37,172 for college graduates of 2016. With two years of college student loan costs can be cut in half or eliminated through scholarship, work-study, etc.

    • A multi-year study shows that nearly 25% of graduates from early-college earned a college degree compared to 5% of their peers in regular high schools



    Augusta University



     How to Apply

    1.) Visit RCBOE website

    2.) At the top of the page, click where it reads, "Late Application for School Choice is available."

    3.) Create an account

    4.) Select "Magnet School" among the choices for application

    5.) Navigate until the end and select "Laney Early College"

    6.) Check the email associated with the account for a testing ticket with the time and location of the i-ready test

    7.) Report to the test on time with the ticket.

    8.) Acceptence will be based on i-ready test performance and school grades




     direct line to Early College: (706)-823-6701