Uniform Wear and Grading Policy

  • Uniform Wear and Grading Policy

    Cadets are required to wear their NJROTC Uniform once a week on the designated uniform day.  Normally this will be Mondays for all classes.  The designated day might change from time to time, so Cadets should always check the Plan of the Week to know about exceptions to the uniform day.  Cadets need to wear their uniform for the entire school day. Failure to do so may result in your uniform grade being lowered to zero.
    Cadets missing school on the prescribed uniform day must wear it the first day returning to school.  Nametags are a part of the uniform and will be worn as prescribed by the Cadet Field Manual and will be provided by NSI.  Unexcused absences on the prescribed uniform day will result in a zero if the absence is not changed to an excused absence in Infinite Campus in accordance with the Richmond County Student Handbook.