Access to Autodesk CAD software tools for in-class student use is provided by A.R. Johnson Health Science and Engineering Magnet School.   Unauthorized access and/or intentional abuse of computers hardware and/or software is strictly prohibited.


    The following are unauthorized uses of ARJ CADD lab computers: 

    • Downloading miscellaneous programs, files, etc. onto computer
    • Changing the background
    • Viewing inappropriate images and/or video
    • Playing games online and/or via USB drive
    • Streaming unauthorized audio and/or video
    • Viewing inappropriate material



    CADD Lab Rules:

    To ensure a safe and healthy learning environment, adherence to the following rules are expected of all students:


    1. Come to class on time prepared in every way to learn and participate

    2. Turn off and put away every personal electronic device (i.e. cell phone, etc.)

    3. Respect yourself and others including but not limited to classmates and teacher

    4. Bring notebook, pencil and pen to class everyday

    5. NO eating and/or drinking in lab

    6. Follow all directions the first time

    7. Take personal responsibility for missed assignments

    8. Follow all rules and guidelines outlined in ARJ student handbook and Richmond County Code of Student Conduct

    9. In case of emergency notify teacher immediately