• Dr. Barbara J. Adger, 5th Grade English/Language Artsx

    Dorothy Hains Elementary School

    1820 Windsor Spring Road

    Augusta, Georgia 30906

    (706) 796-4918

    Planning Times: Monday through Friday, 9:40 – 10:25 AM

    Course Description: The Fifth Grade Language Arts course is designed to give students the necessary skills for a smooth transition from the elementary Language Arts standards to those that are taught in middle school. In grade five, students will continue to build important reading, writing, speaking, and listening skills. They will read more challenging literature, articles, and other sources of information and continue to grow their vocabulary. Students will also be expected to understand and clearly summarize what they have learned from readings and collaborative discussions, referring to specific evidence and details from the text. Students will write regularly and continue to develop their ability to gather, organize, interpret, and present information. They will also write research or opinion papers over extended periods of time.

    Instructional Philosophy: Following the belief that “All Students can learn,” students will be grouped in order to discuss ideas, formulate responses, and present their ideas as they apply to the standards of the lesson.

    Major Course Projects & Instructional Activities: Students will be able to demonstrate a working knowledge of the written and verbal language as well as creating a research paper using the proper format and references. Finally, students will gain the knowledge needed to score proficient or higher on the Georgia Milestones Test for 5th Grade.


    Course Assessment Plan: Rubrics will be utilized during the school year to grade students’ writing as well as course work. Students will be given copies of the rubric in order to adjust their work before it is turned in. Students will be given tests biweekly to measure understanding as well as to monitor growth. Tests will be scheduled on Fridays. Test dates are subject to change.


    Grades will be assigned as follows:

    Tests- 30%

    Projects – 20%

    Quizzes -20%

    Journal – 20%


    The Richmond County Grading Scale is as follows:

    A – 100 -90

    B – 80-89

    C – 75 – 79

    D – 70 – 74

    F - Below 70

    Classroom Expectations: Students are expected to come to class prepared daily with paper, pencils, textbooks, and homework assignments. Students are expected to come in class on time, in an orderly manner, prepared to begin their daily assignments.

    Homework Policy and Grading Scale:

    Homework is due the day after it is assigned. Due dates are subject to change and students will be notified of the changes.  Any student who misses an assignment due to illness or an absence will be responsible for turning in the assignment upon return to school.

    Supplies and Materials Needed: Please see handout from registration.

    ****Additional materials maybe needed throughout the school year.

    I look forward to working with you to have a wonderful school year!!!