•  Syllabus


    Welcome to fourth grade!  I am eager to team with you to help make your child's virtual online learning experience a positive and rewarding one. We will be building and expanding on the skills and concepts learned in third grade as well as explore new topics.

    General Curriculum Overview

     Language Arts - Our reading program is called Benchmark Literacy. We will read fiction and nonfiction stories, poems, articles and passages that align with state standards. Students will engage in activities that enhance their reading fluency, comprehension of grade level literature, informational texts, poetry and drama, and development of their vocabulary. We will also be working with graphic organizers such as character maps, Venn diagrams and others. Writing is a big part of the Language Arts program.  Students will write narratives, opinion pieces and informational texts.


    Math - Envision is the math series that we will use this year. In addition to Envision, we will also use online programs such as Khan Academy.  We will focus on place value, fluently adding and subtracting multi-digit numbers, fractions, multiplication and division, solving word problems, geometry concepts, measurement and data.


    Social Studies - We will read, study, and participate in lessons and projects focused on United States History, geographic understandings, government and civic understandings, economic understandings and map and globe skills.


    Science – The Science Strands or categories of science are Earth and Space Science, Physical Science, and Life Science.  Within these categories, we will explore the following topics through the completion of projects other assignments: Weather and Moon Phases, Stars, Planets, and Moon, Forecasting the Weather, the Role of Organisms and Flow of Energy, Light and Sound, and Force and Motion.


    Health – We will investigate the following Health content areas: Community Health, Consumer Health Environmental Health, Family Life Mental/Emotional Health, Injury Prevention/Safety, Nutrition, Personal Health, Prevention/Control of Disease, and Substance Use/Abuse


    Homework Policy

     Students will be given at home work Monday-Friday. Homework can be found in Canvas. Parents are expected to view it daily with your child ensuring that all work has been completed and submitted. At home work that is not completed may negatively affect your child’s grade.


    Academic Progress

    Students’ graded work will be viewable in Canvas. This will enable you to monitor your child’s progress routinely.

    Grading System: It is my expectation that students complete all assignments given to them in the Canvas platform on the due date. All submitted work in Canvas will be graded.


    Grading Scale: Based on percentage (%)


    A=90-100  Excellent Achievement(Distinguished Learner)

    B=89-80    Above Average Achievement (Proficient Learner))

    C=79-75    Average Achievement (Developing Learning))

    D=74-70    Below Average Achievement (Beginner Learner)

    F=69-0       Has not met expected level of achievement


    Course Assessment Plan

     Students will be given both formal and informal assessments.  Students will respond to constructed response, open ended, fill in the blank, and multiple choice questions in most of the subject areas. When responding to constructed response questions, students will be taught how to use the RACE (Restate the question, Answer the question, Cite evidence, and Explain your answer) strategy.


    Students will take a pre-test before each unit to assess what the students already know and concepts that the students are unfamiliar with. At the end of each unit, students will be given a post-test to assess what the students learned. Opportunities are allowed for students to redo assignments and tests, although they may not be allowed to redo every assignment or test.


    Classroom Expectations

     Every student has a right to learn in an environment that is safe and conducive to learning. Even at Home, Deer Chase Trailblazers are Prepared and Respectful while demonstrating Integrity, Dependability, and Excellence.


    Students are expected to:

    ·         come to class(online) on time with a positive attitude ready and prepared to learn with all the necessary tools to work with each day.

    ·         follow all online expectations at all times.

    ·         respect the rights and opinions of others

    ·         complete all assignments


    General Consequences:

    1st Offense:  Verbal Warning
    2nd Offense: One on one private meeting with you in the meeting room (via online -Zoom or Teams)
    3rd Offense:  Parent Contact/involvement
    4th Offense: Behavior Reported to school administration

    I will be using a daily behavior chart to manage, review and reward student behavior. Each day, students begin with 100 points in conduct. For each behavior infraction a student receives, I will subtract 10 points from their daily conduct grade.   Daily behavior grades are averaged together to obtain the students’ weekly conduct grades.  In addition to 100 points, students who remain “Ready to Learn”, “Make Good Choices”, “Do a Great Job” or “Show Super Behavior” may be rewarded with an online incentive.


    Contact Information

    Front Office: 706-772-6240

    Email: Masonju@boe.richmond.k12.ga.us

    Remind: AM Online Class: @8fc483

                 PM Online Class: @f8f93h