• Monday 11/11: Veteran’s day. 

    Tuesday 11/12Whodunnit. 

    Wednesday 11/13Glass Lab. 

    Thursday 11/14: Glass lab. 

    Friday 11/15Golden State Killer Case Study 


    Monday 11/4: Whodunnit. 

    Tuesday 11/5: Glass notes. 

    Wednesday 11/6: Glass notes cont. 

    Thursday 11/7: Glass worksheet and practice. 

    Friday 11/8: CSI webquest.


    Monday 10/28: JFK Assassination Forensic Files. 

    Tuesday 10/29: Units 1, 2, 3, 4 review. 

    Wednesday 10/30: Fiber Lab 

    Thursday 10/31Hair and fiber Study Guide. 

    Friday 11/1: Hair and Fiber Test 


    Monday 10/21: Whodunnit episode 3 

    Tuesday 10/22: Vocabulary practice and review. 

    Wednesday 10/23: Hair lab. 

    Thursday 10/24Hair lab and discuss fiber lab. 

    Friday 10/25: Fiber lab 


    Monday 10/14: National Holiday (Columbus Day/Indigenous People's Day)

    Tuesday 10/15: Teacher work day. 

    Wednesday 10/16: PSAT Testing. Hold in 1st until 4th.

    Thursday 10/17: Finish notes and discuss lab.

    Friday 10/18: Hair Lab.


    Monday 10/7: Whodunnit Episode 2.

    Tuesday 10/8: Hair and Fiber Notes and Book work 1.

    Wednesday 10/9: Hair and Fiber Notes and Book work 2.

    Thursday 10/10: Hair and Fiber Notes and Book work 3.

    Friday 10/11: Examination techniques questions.


    Monday 9/30: Whodunnit Episode 1.

    Tuesday 10/1: Spray Fingerprints with Ninhydrin and leave to dry. Recieve Study Guide. 

    Wednesday 10/2: Analyze developed finger prints.

    Thursday 10/3: Review and Remediation.

    Friday 10/4: Fingerprinting Test.


    Monday 9/23: Practice Patent fingerprinting. Introduction to minutiae.

    Tuesday 9/23: "Find the minutiae" Fingerprint activity.

    Wednesday 9/25: Finish Notes

    Thursday 9/26: Forensic Files "Social Circle"

    Friday 9/27: "Dusting for Fingerprints and Fingerprint Lifting" Lab


    Monday 9/16Buddhist Monk Murders” Forensic Files Episode

    Tuesday 9/17: CSI review and study session for test. 

    Wednesday 9/18: CSI Test. 

    Thursday 9/19: Introduction to Fingerprinting notes 

    Friday 9/20: Continue fingerprinting notes.  


    Monday 9/9: Finish "Don't touch the evidence" Lab. Begin CSI Web Adventure.

    Tuesday 9/10: Finish CSI Web Adventure. "Don't touch the evidence" lab due. Homework Given.

    Wednesday 9/11: Documenting the Crime Scene.

    Thursday 9/12: Documenting the Crime Scene Cont. 

    Friday 9/13: 4th Ammedment Activity. Homework Due.


    Monday 8/26: Start CSI notes. Review test and finish study guide.

    Tuesday 8/27: Introduction to Forensics test.

    Wednesday 8/28: CSI notes continued.

    Thursday 8/29: Sketch the Crime Scene Lab

    Friday 8/30: Sketch the Crime Scene Lab cont.


    Monday 8/19“Deadly Picnic” Lab. 

    Tuesday 8/20: Criminal Court Proceedings, Duties, and Roles. 

    Wednesday 8/21. Student half day/Teacher PL day: “The Bank Robbery” Activity 

    Thursday 8/22: “Forensics on Trial” Video and written notes activity. 

    Friday 8/23: Test Review and Study Guide. 


    Monday 8/12: Intro to Forensics Notes

    Tuesday 8/13: Notes cont.

    Wednesday 8/14: Influential forensic scientists project.

    Thursday 8/15: Project cont.

    Friday 8/16: Finish project. Forensic files episode.


    Tuesday 8/6: Rules, regulations, expectations. Begin Density Lab.

    Wednesday 8/7: Continue Density Lab.

    Thursday 8/8: Significant figures, scientific notations, metric system and scientific method review.

    Friday 8/9: Lab safety test. Continue review. Introduction to Forensic science.

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