• Monday 11/11Veteran’s day. 

    Tuesday 11/12Introduction to IMFs 

    Wednesday 11/13IMFs POGIL. 

    Thursday 11/14: IMFs POGIL 

    Friday 11/15Atomic Theory review. 


    Monday 11/4: Study guide for naming and bonding. 

    Tuesday 11/5: Molecular Shapes and VSEPR 

    Wednesday 11/6Review for test. 

    Thursday 11/7: Naming and bonding test. 

    Friday 11/8: Types of reactions notes. 


    Monday 10/28: All About the Atom Project. 

    Tuesday 10/29Naming and Bonding Vocab 

    Wednesday 10/30: All About the Atom Project continued. 

    Thursday 10/31: Bonding Lab. 

    Friday 11/1: Study Guide for test. 


    Monday 10/21: Naming practice. 

    Tuesday 10/22“Alien Periodic Table” activity. 

    Wednesday 10/23: Mole Day activity. 

    Thursday 10/24: Lewis Structure. 

    Friday 10/25: Lewis structure cont. 


    Monday 10/14: National Holiday (Columbus Day/Indigenous People's Day)

    Tuesday 10/15: Teacher work day. 

    Wednesday 10/16: PSAT Testing. Hold in 1st until 4th. Begin Covalent Bonding.

    Thursday 10/17: Continue with covalent bonding practice.

    Friday 10/18: Properties of Ionic and Covalent compounds lab.


    Monday 10/7: Naming Ionic Compounds Notes.

    Tuesday 10/8: Naming Ionic Compounds practice.

    Wednesday 10/9: Movie Enrichment day: "Chain Reaction"

    Thursday 10/10: Movie Enrichment day: "Chain Reaction"

    Friday 10/11: Movie Enrichment day: "Chain Reaction"


    Monday 9/30: Unit 3 Practice Worksheet 

    Tuesday 10/1: Project Presentations

    Wednesday 10/2: Project Presentations continued. Test review.

    Thursday 10/3: Gallery walk and study guide.

    Friday 10/4: Atomic Theory and Periodicity Test. 


    Monday 9/23: Project work period.

    Tuesday 9/24: Electron Configuration POGIL.

    Wednesday 9/25: Flame Test Lab

    Thursday 9/26: Periodicity Notes

    Friday 9/27: Peridiodicity cont. and Ion worksheet.


    Monday 9/16: Introduction to absorption and emission spectra. 

    Tuesday 9/17: Work session for Atomic Timeline Project. 

    Wednesday 9/18: Flame Test Lab (moved to next week)

    Thursday 9/19: Introduction to electron configuration. 

    Friday 9/20: Battle Ship Electron Configuration lab. 


    Monday 9/9: Begin "Build an Atom" Phet lab.

    Tuesday 9/10: Finish "Build an Atom" Phet lab.

    Wednesday 9/11: Begin Nuclear Chemistry.

    Thursday 9/12: Continue Nuclear Chemistry.

    Friday 9/13: Begin labeling and "reading" the periodic table.


    Monday 8/26: Finish Chemical Reactions Lab

    Tuesday 8/27: Classification of Matter Test.

    Wednesday 8/28: Atomic Theory notes.

    Thursday 8/29: Atomic structure and isotopes.

    Friday 8/30: Build an atom lab activity.


    Monday 8/19“Matter Gallery Walk” activity. Review separation methods. 

    Tuesday 8/20: “Physical Separation of Matter” Lab. 

    Wednesday 8/21 Student Half Day/Teacher PL Day: Finish Separation lab and do Lab Report  

    Thursday 8/22: Introduction to inter and intra molecular forces and solubility/miscibility.  

    Friday 8/23: “Chemical and Physical Changes” lab. 


    Monday 8/12: Scientific method activity “Recycling”. Begin glassware notes. 

    Tuesday 8/13: Continue glassware/lab materials notes. Graphing data activity. 

    Wednesday 8/14: SI units, metric review, calculating percent error. 

    Thursday 8/15: Article summary “Why Learn Chemistry?”

    Friday 8/16: Begin Physical and Chemical Properties of Matter


    Tuesday 8/6: Rules, regulations, expectations. Begin Density Lab.

    Wednesday 8/7: Continue Density Lab.

    Thursday 8/8: Significant figures, scientific notations, metric system and scientific method review.

    Friday 8/9: Lab safety test. Continue review. Introduction to dimensional analysis.

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