• Welcome to the Belair Band and Chorus Webpage!


    Gretchen Salomone

    Email: salomgr@boe.richmond.k12.ga.us

    Grade(s): 6-8

    Subject(s): Band and Chorus

    School: Belair K-8


    Office Hours: 9:00AM-10:00AM

    Please email me or send a message via Class Dojo and I will get back with you as soon as I can.




  • Learn From Home Information September 7-8, 2021

    As Richmond County transitions to Learn From Home I am updating Canvas to reflect the work that you should complete before returning to school. Please work through this module to learn about reading note names in treble clef and bass clef. Whether reading note names is new to you or you are a seasoned pro, please take time to memorize the note names in BOTH treble clef and bass clef. Try to see how fast you can answer all of the questions correctly on each worksheet. You can do them more than once to practice. The better you can read the note names, the easier learning to play an instrument and/or reading music will be! 

    There are worksheets at the end of the module that you need to complete to earn credit for your time Learning from Home. There are copies of these worksheets at the front office of the school that you can pick up if you are unable to print them. You can also mark on them and submit them to me electronically. 

    The instrument rental night with Portman's music is scheduled for Thursday, September 9th from 4PM-6PM in the Belair K-8 Cafeteria.

    If you have any questions, please email me at salomgr@boe.richmond.k12.ga.us

    I look forward to seeing you soon!

    Mrs. Salomone

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  • Welcome to BAND & CHORUS!

    My name is Gretchen Salomone and I am the Band and Chorus Director for Grades 6-8 at Belair K-8. I will also be having an afterschool Chorus for 6-8 at Belair K-8. I am very excited to begin this wonderful music making journey with my students. 


    If you are interested in joining one of these programs or have a question for me please email me at salomgr@boe.richmond.k12.ga.us


    I am looking forward to an awesome year filled with creating music and building music programs in Richmond County.


    Gretchen Salomone

    Director of Band & Chorus

    Belair K-8


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  • 2021-2022 School Year

    Hello! I am looking forward to this upcoming year and I hope you are too! 


    If you are interested in joining the Belair Band or Chorus, please send me an email to salomgr@boe.richmond.k12.ga.us. Please include the parent name, student name, grade the student is entering, and if interested in band, what instrument you think he or she might be interested in. 


    We will be talking more about joining Band and Chorus in the upcoming weeks.


    In the meantime, I have some websites that I encourage you to check out that are related to band, chorus, and music in general. Click on the Website to Check Out link to see them. 



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