• Welcome back to another Pawsitively Awesome school year at Blythe Elementary School. The Blythe Elementary School Counseling Progam is a preventative/intervention support service designed to aid children in mastering developmental tasks/skills which are essential for positive growth. It is believed that these tasks can be accomplished through focus on the following:

    Classroom Guidance: will be held weekly in the Counselor's office with each classroom. Classroom Guidance Lessons will address topics such as Hygiene, Communication Skills, Conflict Resolution, Respect, Career Pathways, Test Taking Tips, etc.

    -Individual Counseling: will be held confidentially in the Counselor's office and based on need and/or request. These sessions are utlized to address and resolve issues in an effort to allow the student focus on his/her academics.

    -Small Group Counseling: will be held in the Counselor's Office with groups of 3 to 5 students per group in an effort to resolve a common issue or address an identified need. Parent will be contacted via letter prior to participation our small groups.



    Mrs. Sarita Berry

    Professional School Counselor

    Blythe Elementary School

    290 Church St.

    Blythe, GA 30805

    (706) 592-4090

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