• Grading

    PE grades are based on: 

    50% Participation, 20% Assessments, 20% Assignments/Projects

    Students are not graded on physical ability. They are required simply to attend and participate in class, to show growth and improvement, to be responsible for knowledge of the content covered, and to do their part to maintain a safe, healthy, inclusive learning environment.  Assessments for both academic rigor and physical fitness are used to measure content knowledge as well as monitor progress, but only academic assessments are counted toward a PE grade.

    Participation:  10 Points for participation are earned weekly, to include all games, activities, lessons, and discussions as well as being prepared for class.*

    Assignments:  Primarily used in grades 3-5 but occasionally earlier, to include various writing assignments, work-sheets, and projects.

    Assessments:  Periodic quizzes, both formal and informal.  

    Proper Attire for PE:  Non-compliance will effect Participation grade.  Please see "Proper Clothing & Shoes for PE" for further guidance.


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