• Volunteer Requirements have changed....please read below for the updates!!!

    New Volunteers (without card): Please follow the steps below in order!

    • Step 1: Complete the Mandated Reporter Training online and receive a Certificate of Completion.

    • Step 2: contact Dione Bonds at bondsdi@boe.richmond.k12.ga.us or 706-771-2881 to schedule a training session.

    • Step 3: Have a GCIC background check and fingerprints completed by RCSS Public Safety Office. (This is required of those working with students unsupervised and parents who want to be chaperones on fieldtrips)

    Volunteers (with cards): Read below for new changes

    Only Level 3 are allowed on Field Trips.

    • Level 1 Card Holders: volunteers are non-district personnel who will have no direct interaction with students such as volunteers working on playground construction or assisting with facilities maintenance when school is not in session. Level 1 volunteers do not require criminal background checks

    • Level 2 Card Holders: Are volunteers include parents/guardians volunteering for a daytime on-site activity, field day or school fair, classroom helpers, in-class tutors. (YOU ARE NOT ALLOWED TO GO ON FIELD TRIPS, you must upgrade to LEVEL 3)

    • Level 3 Card Holders: Are volunteers must be approved by RCSS authorized personnel and the Principal of the school prior to participating in activities involving direct, unsupervised interaction with students. Level 3 volunteers include chaperones on overnight field trips who will have any unsupervised interaction with students and mentors who will have unsupervised interaction with students. To include any off campus activities and any out of state band or athletic activities.


    To Upgrade to Level 3: Please contact Dione Bonds by email: bondsdi@boe.richmond.k12.ga.us or phone 706-771-2881